Our Story is one of a Homestead.

 Our Mission 

  To share the love and inheritance of God with all who are in need of refuge and a place to thrive in God’s household. 


Our Vision

 To Engage people in the life of Christ, Equip people with Biblical answers, and to Empower people to exercise their gifts. 



But why a homestead? 

A homestead is a cluster of homes and families, built to provide security, shelter, and a sense of home for those in the community and passers-by.

Not long after the railroad transformed a White River camp into the bustling little town of Branson, the Old Stone Church was built.  Gospel preaching had created the Presbyterian congregation, and the congregation worked with the townspeople to create the church.  People donated the land, lumber, and labor.  They gave or raised what they could for the project – even children chipped in by picking and selling wild berries.  Together, more than a church building was built.  A settlement became a community and residents became neighbors.  But even more importantly, God's people came to embody a special expression of the Father's heart for this place.  We received the call to draw Branson into God's work and family through partnership in His mission.

This particular kind of leadership has been our call and story ever since.  We call it homesteading.  It's not charge-ahead bravado or clever trend-setting.  Nor is it heroism that saves the world singlehandedly.  Instead, homesteading is about taking a stand on the simple Gospel truth that following Jesus means loving God and our neighbor more than ourselves.  We've staked this claim, and from it we raise a vision of our Father's household, welcoming in all who desire friendship or need shelter.  Although homesteading keeps our doors open to both neighbors and passers-by, it does not seek merely to entertain in parlors or living rooms.  We are called to combine nurture and grit, generosity and conviction in a way that calls visitors and refugees alike into participation in God's work for the common good.  By inviting everyone who enters from front door to kitchen and from living room to workshop, we grow together into daughters and sons of our Father, fully equipped to seek our promised inheritance and extend God's household to new people and places.

​​The rediscovery of this call is essential for these times.  Branson, though unique in our country, is not insulated from the sea of change that is engulfing our world.  We are unsettled and perplexed by the noisy, disruptive storms that shake us from foundation to core.  Things we once trusted as unchanging are now uncertain, and for all of our busyness and the promises of innovation, we feel ever more lost and abandoned in a spiritual, economic, and social wilderness.  But the Gospel thrives in conditions such as these.  God's household is a refuge, and His fathering creates community out of chaos and inheritance out of desolation.  We must redouble our efforts to extend welcome to neighbor and stranger.  We must strive to perfect our learning of the ways of Jesus that involve and engage everyone in the Lord's work.  We must send each other as daughters and sons, birthing many more households, until everyone has a chance to find a place in God's family.



7 Core Values

Jesus is the son of God and Lord of all. He is fully God and fully man. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary. We believe that “Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures…” (1 Cor. 15:2-4).

There is no aspect of creation or the human life that is untouched by sin. Sin corrupts what was God created. We know that the wages of sin is death, and eternal separation from God (Rom. 6:23). No human is exempt from this, without Jesus.

We believe that no man is brought to saving faith is Jesus unless the Spirit draws him (Jn 6:44). Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father but through me”(Jn. 14:6). Through Christ alone do we receive salvation, fellowship with God and true fellowship with one another, “if we confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in our hearts that God raised him from the dead” (Rom. 10:9). Salvation is my grace alone, through faith alone and in Christ alone. This is not of our own doing or work, but it is the free gift of God (Eph. 2:8-9). This grace enables us to live a life of trusting and following Jesus.

The Bible
The Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God, the only rule of faith and obedience. “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Tim. 3:16).

The Holy Spirit
Upon the confession of faith in Jesus, we are baptized by God’s Holy Spirit and he lives within us. We believe the gifts of the Spirit (as found in 1 Corinthians 12) as well as various signs and wonders, are operative and continue today to testify to the reality of God’s Kingdom as well as edify and empower Christ’s Body, the Church. God’s Spirit teaches, comforts, guides, directs, convicts, and empowers believers in the process of sanctification for the purpose of being made like God.

We believe baptism is an outward sign of a person’s belief. Baptism itself does not provide salvation (that is through Christ alone), but it shows the world that an individual has put his/her trust in the finished work of Jesus and has died and been raised with Christ to walk in the newness of life.

The Life and Role of the Church
The Church is the primary instrument through which God plans to bring restoration and redemption to the broken creation. As God exists in the community of the trinity we have been made a priesthood of believers, a family, each to be joined with and actively involved in a local community of saints.

God’s desire for us, his people, is to be holy and set apart—a royal priesthood—and he calls us to clothe ourselves “with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience” (Col. 3:12). Although we will never reach perfect holiness in this life, we seek to live a holy life while continually practicing disciplines of confession, repentance and forbearance.

We are called to love one another unconditionally. Love does not turn a blind eye on sin in each other’s lives, but it also does not condemn and reject one other outright. We ought to “forgive each other just as God, in Christ, has forgive us” (Eph. 4:32), and practice repentance and restoration in our daily life. Men and women alike are called and gifted uniquely to proclaim the Gospel and do the works of the Kingdom.

The primary mission of the Church is to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey all that Jesus has commanded (Matt 28:19-20).




Is Church Membership Important?


Being a member of a church might be one of the most misunderstood parts of the Christian life.  Is it important? 

The answer is yes.

What makes being a member different than simply attending regularly?

Simply put:  being a member of a church (or "Covenant Partner") is less like joining a country club, and more like being connected to other people through a covenant.  It's like becoming a member of a family.  It is a commitment to serving Christ and the community through and with each other.

 If you'd like more information about becoming a Covenant Partner at FPC Branson, please submit the information below to be contacted by a church officer 

2020 Covenant Partner Class Schedule: Saturdays FEB 15; MAY 2; SEPT 5; NOV 14

All classes meet 8:30 AM--12:30 PM

Classes with less than 2-3 CONFIRMED attendees will be cancelled one week in advance.

Contact Us


Better yet, see us in person!

We would love to meet you, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

First Presbyterian Church

420 W Main St Branson, MO 65616 US

(417) 334-3468



09:00 am – 05:00 pm


09:00 am – 05:00 pm


09:00 am – 05:00 pm


09:00 am – 05:00 pm


09:00 am – 05:00 pm





Covenant Partner Information Packet

FPC Meeting Times: Connect Groups: Ministry Teams




9:00--9:15 Music with Kyle Denton

 9:15--9:30 Snack and Play

9:30--10:15 Bible Lesson (PreK4--2nd-----3rd--6th)


The PC Youth Sunday School class seeks to train students in their

understanding of our Christian faith, the “essentials” and ‘why we believe

how we believe.’ It also serves as a time to teach students how to live out

their faith in school and life.

Location: Youth Building

Led by youth staff: Pat and Karen Base

7-12th Grade



Location: Parlor 1

  This is a discussion-based, in depth Bible study, aimed at tackling life’s 

  issues and discovering how Jesus wants us to approach them. We will 

  begin studying the book of James with the Believe Series after Easter.

     Presently meeting with Seekers Facilitator: Barbara Hunt


Location: Parlor 2

The Seekers class uses a variety of Bible studies and Christian leader

studies to prayerfully seek to get closer to our Lord and Savior. Strongly

utilizes sharing and prayer time to see Christ working in each other’s lives.


Location: Fellowship Annex

The Builders class is currently studying the Book of Hebrews and its 

relevance today.

Facilitators:Sam Rodehaver, Stan Vos and David Whetstone




We are currently using SuperBook videos creating deeper Bible

Experiences for kids through various activities, scripture and 

Media. Ages: K-6th grade and held during the worship hour: 10:25 -


*Not held on the 1st Sunday of each month--Communion Sundays*

AGES: K-6th Grade


JAM KIDZ’ KLUB 4:15 -- 5:30

Music+Teaching+Singing &Spring Musical

Age:K - 6th Grade

Connect at Family Dinner 5:30 -- 6:15

Parents and family are invited to join the church family for dinner.

Parental supervision during this time is expected.

JAM Hand Bells 5:55 -- 6:30

Learning to play hand bells teaches more than just music. It teaches

cooperation, teamwork and much more. Kids perform at Sunday services

occasionally to show off what they’ve learned.

Age: 3 - 6th Grade

Youth Fellowship 6:00 -- 8:00

Led by Youth Staff: Pat and Karen Base

Youth Building

7-12th Grade

Adult Bible Study 6:30 - 7:30

Chancel Choir 6:35--7:45

Contact Kyle Denton: 402.310.2822 -- FPCBransonmusic@yahoo.com


All of our FPC connect groups fall into two general categories of Spirt-led

smaller FPC communities: Bible Studies or Prayer and Christ-Centered

Lifestyles.  Some limit their size for cohesiveness while others are always

open to new members. 


Men’s Prayer Group

 Open to all men

Wednesday morning @ 6:45

Fireside room

Contact: Stan Vos 417.699.3295- sandpvos@gmail.co

FPC Women’s Bible Study and Fellowship Meetings

Meets the 2nd Thursday each month: 1PM

Fellowship Hall

Contact: Alicia Kimberlin 480.272.1426 -- AliciaJo777@gmail.com


Meets twice each month Sunday at 2:30 PM

Parlor 2: Mixed: Bible based videos/refreshments

Jim Edkin: Leader: 918.630.4190

Prayer Team:

Praying as the Holy Spirit leads

Mondays at 4:30 PM Parlor 2

Open to all

Contact David Whetstone: 918.630.4190

Spiritual Warfare:

Meeting prior to Sunday Worship Service: Sanctuary

Contact David Whetstone: 918.630.4190   


Mixed Group Bible Study

Meets the first and third Mondays at 10:00 AM

Anyone is welcome to join us in our study of the book of Philippians.

Contact: Phyllis Vandernaald: vandernaaldp@hotmail.com

“Putting on the Helmet of Righteousness.”

Meets the 3rd Tuesday


Ken Kimberlin-Leader: 417.217.0356


Walk with Our Shepherd:

Thursday at 8 AM:

A short restoring walk beside Table Rock Lake beginning at the Dewey

Short Visitor Center:

Contact Wanda Emmenegger: 662.822.6996

Friday Folding Friends:

Friday at 9 AM in Frieda’s Office: Mixed:

Meg Pyron-Leader:

 Fold bulletins, assemble newsletter, pray and share Christian love.

Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts

Meet Monday 7- 8PM

Fellowship Hall 

Contact Ken Kimberlin: 417.217.0356

Girl Scouts BSA

Meet Monday 6 - 7:30 PM

Youth Building

Contact Ken Kimberlin: 417.217.0356



Purpose Statement: The mission of the Community Engagement Team (CET) is to 

Serve as the FPC centroid for formal interfacing with both needy individuals and

those like-minded, community organizations dedicated to spreading the Word

and Love of God to the less privileged among us. In addition to its outward focus,

CET is responsible for managing FPC-internal activities dedicated to the personal

engagement and interface with visitors and newcomers to the church, managing

the process for assisting individuals with temporary or emergency sustainment

needs, and instituting and managing the missional effort to identify, attract, and

recruit new FPC Covenant Partners.

Team members: Alexis Gable, Meg Pyron, Frieda Sindorf, John & Tina Stickman

General information/Progress of CET Subordinate Ministries:

1. Neighborhood assistance Ministry - CET provides Session coordination

and oversight for FPC’s Neighborhood Assistance Ministry, which is ably

managed by Church Administrator, Meg Pyron. Neighborhood Assistance

provides necessary financial support and grants to needy individuals and

families within the Greater Branson Community.

2. Transportation Ministry - Alexis Gable serves in the essential Ride

Coordinator role for FPC’s Transportation Ministry. A list of volunteer drivers and

transportation providers is circulated at all Joint Session/Deacon Meetings and is

posted for Covenant Partner volunteer sign-ups on the Church Bulletin Board in

the Fireside Room. Thirteen driver-volunteers are registered to provide

transportation services to the FPC Family and Greater-Branson Community:

Karen Akers, Robin Carlock, Robin Fridrich, Alexis Gabel, Barbara Hunt,

Americana Magness, Sara Moll, Holland Mukasa, John and Tina Stickman,

Phyllis Vandernaald, David Whetstone, Donna Yoh, and Karl Young. A

Transportation service notice appears weekly in Sunday’s Church Bulletin.

3. Flourishing Church ministry - This ministry is focused on the growth of our

church with respect to its numbers, i.e., active Covenant Partners, its spiritual

maturation, and its outreach into the community through our evolution from

primarily an invitational church to that of a missional church. One of its

subordinate ministries is the Visitor Ambassador program, which provides a 

single volunteer, identified at the beginning of each Sunday church service to the

congregation, to serve as FPC’s “meet and greet point person” for visitors

attending Sunday Worship Service. Stationed at the Visitor Welcome Desk in the

Fireside Room after the worship service, the primary duty of the Visitor

Ambassador is to formally welcome visitors and perspective Covenant Partners

to the church and to answer questions about FPC, our parent organization, ECO,

and to ensure each guest is identified for follow-up contact through an entry in

FPC’s visitor log. A second, subordinate ministry encompasses those activities

pursued through community organizations and various social media to promote

FPC and its ministries. The goal is to increase exposure of our church within the

local community and with like-minded Christians seeking a church home.

4. Guardian Angel Ministry- intended to provide essential emotional, spiritual,

and physical support to assigned persons in need or in crisis who are sincerely

seeking an avenue to change their lives, this ministry is designed to provide an

essential but missing “bridging service” to graduates of focused programs 

offered by the local non-profits and philanthropies, i.e., CORE, Options

Pregnancy, Caring People, Jesus was Homeless/Jobs for Life, etc. The Guardian

Angel Ministry accomplishes this by providing emotional, spiritual, and physical

support to assigned persons transitioning from these structured-program

support environments, to the unstructured realities of the outside world. Our

initial cadre of mentor’ volunteers are: Gail Brookhart, Jack Heschend, John

Stickman and Tina Stickman. The sign-up roster, which is circulated at monthly

Session/Deaconate meetings, is posted on the church Bulletin Board in the 

Fireside Room for Covenant Partner volunteer sign-up. This list is intended to

identify FPC individuals willing to provide personal support and encouragement

to individuals matriculating from structured support programs offered by the

Branson-area community, but still needing or desiring additional support during

the transition to community self-sufficiency. This ministry opportunity is 

particularly germain to our Flourishing Discipleship participants. 

5. Neighborhood Partnership Ministry - Four community non-profit

mentorship programs are actively supported by FPC Covenant Partners: CORE

(Sonya Spafford), Jesus Was Homeless/Jobs for Life (John & Tina Stickman),

Options Pregnancy (Marilyn Erselius & Vicci Spicer), and The Caring People

(Donna Yoh). An “FPC Guardian Angel Program: An Offer to Program Graduates,”

is on file with and employed by each of these four nonprofits. Our program goal 

is to increase active FPC partnering with local non-profits, while sponsoring

Covenant Partner mentoring engagement with each of the non-profits”

mentorship programs. The relationships and experiences shared will evolve the

core relationships for FPC”s Guardian Angel bridging ministry and is a powerful 

discipling opportunity for FPC”s Flourishing Discipleship.

Elder Representative: John Stickmanjohnstickman258@gmail.com


Discipleship/Little Discipleship

2019 Yearly RepVision: Develop a Christian Education program following the

vision of FPC Branson, sharing the love and inheritance of God with all who are

in need of refuge and a place to thrive in God’s household.

Mission: Make Disciples by engaging people in the life of Christ, equipping them

with Biblical answers and empowering them to exercise their gifts.

Team Members: Barbara Hunt, Tom Johnson, Meg Pyron, Donna Yoh, Gary Spicer,

Vicci Spicer, Mary Lou Edkin, Jim Edkin, Pastor Tom, Frieda Sindorf

This year we have stressed the Flourishing Disciple’s Program provided by ECO.

This program helps us develop Disciples that develop Disciples.

Flourishing Disciples--- The Flourishing Disciple’s program continues to grow.

We started with nine people about a year ago and have grown to over twenty. We

will continue into 2020 with monthly team meetings and planning sessions. Our 

goal is to add people each month.

PRMI---In Oct. 2019, 11 members traveled to Black Mountain N>C> to attend

an Exousia class to prepare us to conduct the Dunamis program for FPC. We

returned with lots of information and were

filled with the Holy Spirit. Planning will start in Feb. 2020.

Evangelism---Efforts continue by some members to share the Love of Jesus 

Christ with those in need.

Little Disciples---Program has went through some changes for the better, new

classes and worship time have been changed allowing the children to attend

Church services while still getting time for their own activities.

Youth---Youth continue to stress Bible studies along with many social events.

Number of attendees remain about the same.

Small Groups---Small groups continue to provide a variety of Bible studies. A

new Prayer group was formed and a Walking Group joined us.

Team Leaders: Jim Edkin 417.699.0416 David Whetstone 414.337.9625


Evangelism and Discipleship Teams are meeting together at present.

Team Leaders: Jim Edkin 417.699.0416 David Whetstone 417.337.9625


Purpose: To connect people to the Father’s heart and to each other through

fellowship activities while bringing glory to God

Mission: To plan, organize and provide fellowship activities whereby family and friends can experience the love of Christ

Team members: Alexis Gable, Jim Barber, Frieda Sindorf, Sherry Herschend,

Melissa Herschend, Candy Thomason, Geneva Wegener, Robin Friedrich, Nancy 

Von Seebach

The Fellowship Team opened 2019 with a New Covenant Partners Potluck

luncheon to honor all new Partners of 2018. The lunch was extra special due to

Alan Kimberlin, a chef at Table Rock, cooking and serving four delicious soups,

and the sponsorship and decorations by FPC Women.

Our annual Easter breakfast and service was again a huge success. In addition, 

in April we hosted a Hail & Farewell potluck lunch to say goodbye to Bob Abbot

and welcome to our new Worship Arts Director Kyle Denton.

While the Team was on a hiatus from May to September, the planning and 

execution of a new membership directory with Lifetouch was handled by Alexis

Gable and Sara Moll. 

During October the team hosted a Farkle Friday game night, and surprised 

Pastors Tom Willcox and Ken Kimberlin with huge greeting cards containing

messages from the congregation on Pastors Appreciation Day.

We capped off 2019 in December with our annual Chili Potluck Dinner following

the Branson Adoration Parade. A Christmas Day Dinner in Fellowship Hall is being planned.

Adding to the above, the Fellowship Team is responsible for the friendly faces of

our Door Greeters, and the information disbursed with coffee & donuts at the

Welcome Center.

Last, but certainly not least, our Kitchen Ministry crew labors every Wednesday

Night, and on special occasions, to provide us with meals where the not-so-secret

ingredient is Love.

If you have some time and a desire to help create opportunities for fellowship,

please come to a team meeting held the first Thursday of the month at 7p.m.

Team Leader: Jim Barber 417.335.1503 Jim@JimBarber.com


If you have financial management expertise you are willing to share, contact:

Team Leader: Edd Akers 417.335.0532 eddakers@outlook.com


Our Goal:

 A Clear understanding of what a disciple is.

 To find a clear path from becoming a Christian to being a mature disciple 

of Jesus.

To learn how to be a “Discipler,” one who comes along-side another 

and helps them become or grow as a disciple. 

Our Mission:

As this team becomes proficient in these new areas of understanding and

practice, they will begin engaging people in our community and the rest of our

church family in growth as disciples of Jesus. Our goal is to make this church

family one that is flourishing. A flourishing church is vibrantly alive, growing and

bearing fruit. Our goal is that every one of us would be flourishing disciples. Our

goal is that we would lead many unsaved people into a relationship with God (the

first step in disciple-making among the unsaved is evangelism). We aim to

constantly increase both the quality and the quantity of disciples in Ozark

Mountain Country.

Team Leader: Jim Edkin 417.699.0416


Our purpose as lay minister to be inspired by the Life Jesus and his service to others.

To be alert to the carious needs of our congregation (or others) and to respond to those

needs with the love and care shown to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Visitation: We phone, visit, send cards and provide meals for members in need. In 2019 we made: 269 calls, 124 visits, 49 personal cards, 20 emails & Food Tidings.

Happy Birthday Calls: Each month John Long calls those having birthdays; he made

281 calls in 2019

Food Tidings: Food Tidings is an online program that our church uses to help

coordinate the delivery of meals for those having a need, such as during an illness or

while recovering from surgery. Recently, while recovering from surgery we provided

meals for Nancy and Steve Von Seebach. Nancy said that they really appreciated the

meal delivery; it was very helpful. She felt also that the love and concern shown by the

church helped in her recovery, and helped further her walk with God.

Bereavement: When a death occurs within our church family, this team can provide a

meal/reception served at the church after the funeral or memorial service. During 2019

we provided 3 meals.

Home Communion: Every even numbered month this team serves communion to those

church members unable to attend worship on communion Sunday, yet who wish to

receive communion. Eighteen people were served in 2019. In our (Keith and Connie

Sayre) years of serving home communion, the recipients are very grateful and

appreciative for, not only communion, but the time we spend visiting with them. They

miss the fellowship with the church and this time with them is a blessing for them, as

well as for us.

Prayer Chain: This team provides intercessory prayers for person requesting prayer;

Sharon Walker reported 1089 requests for prayer in 2019.

Grieving Books: The four-book series “Journeying Through Grief” is sent out to 

families during the first year following the death of a loved one; Sharon sent out 68

books in 2019.

Cards: Cards for all occasions are sent to the congregation. Marilyn Erselius and Mary

Johnson divide this responsibility. Approximately 345 cards were sent out this year.

Prayer Postcard Ministry: 39 prayer cards were mailed in December. This is a new

opportunity of prayer ministry recently started. We look forward to further developing it

in the coming year. 

We would encourage anyone who would be interested in serving on the Ministry Team

to contact any of the current members listed in this report for further information.

Team Leader: Karl Young 417.544.0786 karlyoung@suddenlink.net


Our vision is to share the love of Jesus with the world through service.

Our Mission is to serve believers and non-believers by meeting physical,

emotional and spiritual needs without compromising the forthright proclamation

of the Word.

Partners in Ministry:

Care for Kids -- Mentoring program designed for reach students, Pre-K

  through High School.

The Caring People -- A community of support and encouragement for

  local mothers.

Christian Action Ministry --Local food pantry in Branson.

C.O.R.E. -- Local ministry helping people get off dependence.

Faith Community Health Center -- Local helping folks with their health

 and dental needs.

Little Ones Ministry -- Ministry made to share the Gospel and better the 

 lives of people in Mexico and Nicaragua.

Neighborhood Assistance -- A ministry of FPC Branson designed to

help members of our own community.

Options Pregnancy Clinic -- Local ladies dealing with pregnancy needs.

 Presbyterian Preschool -- A ministry of FPC Branson to support the 

education of children in the Branson area.

 PRMI -- International network of Presbyterians, helping people to know

the Lord.

Salvation Army -- Local chapter helping families and individuals in need.

Torchbearer’s Foundation -- Ministry based in Cameroon Africa,

empowering local leaders to build a better Africa.

Youth Missions -- FPC supports our annual youth outreach programs

and mission trips.

2020 Vision Initiative and FPC’s Refugee Relocation Strategy

Team Leader: Robin Carlock 972.741.3534 robin.carlock417@gmail.com


Team Leader: Barbara Hunt - barb2150@gmail.com


The vision of the Personnel Team is to create an environment in which people

performing Vocational Ministry experience the Father’s heart by providing

support, encouragement and accountability to each other and to the members of 

our church family.

Specifically, we ensure that all Employment policies are uniformly applied to all

Staff and that compensation of paid Staff is consistent with job duties, skills and 


Team Leader: Jack Herschend Contact church office 417.334.3468


Our Mission:

Experiencing the Father’s heart by providing an attractive, comfortable, and safe

environment for teaching and worshiping God.

3 Areas of Focus:

1. Maintaining the campus as good stewards of our resources.

2. Use our facilities for community and church outreach.

3. Provide comfortable and safe facilities that are attractive to all.

To join our Property Team contact:

Jim Hunt 417.294.7590 JimHunt1028@gmail.com

The Property and Safety Team have been pleased to serve our congregation in


Accomplished in 2019:

Landscape maintained by Pearl Vos

New running boards for the safety of all riding in the church van.

Newly recovered chairs for use at Stone Church, Fellowship Hall and Parlor.

Repaired and added heater for the elevator mechanics.

Purchased and installed new grease traps at kitchen to bring us up to health code.

Purchased and installed new phone safety signs in parking lot for preschool.

Brought fire code guide lines up to date for preschool.

Sought and received bids for engineering to rework retaining wall on north

side of church -- $60,000.

Leveled floor in Fellowship Hall to ensure integrity of building - $4,000.

Installed new brakes on van for safety of passengers.

Replaced computers/Mac Book for - $3,000.

Reworked/repaired shelves at music office.

Painted and maintained showers at preschool restrooms.

Implemented new plans and procedures for safety and security of our church.

Team Leader: Jim Hunt 417.294.7590 JimHunt1028@gmail.com


Operating under the Property Team umbrella, this team is responsible for 

overseeing our efforts to balance hospitality and accessibility for visitors and

folks new to our church family with our desire and responsibility to insure the

safety and security of our church family.

This team can use folks with gifts of administration, knowledge, wisdom, vision

and leadership. It would also benefit from anyone who is already safety minded or

anyone who has experience in any form of emergency services. We already have

leadership with experience and knowledge but we need people to help us learn 

more, figure out new best practices and then help us with implementation of 

those practices.

If this stirs something in your heart, get in touch with Jim Hunt, the Team Leader.

Jim Hunt 417.294.7590 JimHunt1028@gmail.com


Operating under the umbrella of the Property Team

Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to provide trained personnel to be First Responders to those in

need of medical attention while attending functions in or at church facilities.

Our Purpose:

To provide trained personnel to be First Responders to those in need of medical

attention while attending functions in FPC facilities, and to provide and maintain

First Aid equipment.

The team meets quarterly.

Team Leaders: Ken or Alicia Kimberlin 417.217.0356--417.272.2185



Team Responsibilities:

To facilitate every aspect of our corporate worship services.

To provide pulpit supply when needed.

To solicit and manage volunteers for responsibilities such as worship

assistants, communion servers, and staffing of tech duties.

To facilitate the space where worship is conducted, including it’s

arrangement, furnishings and special appointments such as flowers, banners and


To facilitate the overall program of worship arts and music in the church.

To facilitate communion preparation and cleanup. Approximately 1,700

persons were served during 2019.

We were very blessed to welcome Kyle Denton as our new Worship Arts Director

in the spring and are grateful to Bob Abbott for helping make a smooth

transition. Kyle and his wife, Claire, have been a joy to work with.

Season of Lent: Crosses were again placed on the lawn and Holy Week services

included Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.

Season of Advent & Christmas: We are thankful to Marty Schmitt who

coordinated the decorations for our Advent season (as well as the Lent/Easter

and Pentecost seasons.) Pastor Tom’s Blue Christmas service continues to be a

meaningful event especially for those whose hearts are hurting. On December 8, Chancel Choir, J.A.M.Kidz, and Presbyterian Preschool kids along with orchestra

presented “Behold Your King,” a service of Christmas music and readings. We

appreciate all of Kyle’s hard work in planning and dedication to working with

such a large group. A traditional Christmas Eve candlelight service was held at 5

p.m. and we were blessed to have a full sanctuary.

We are grateful to Stephanie Diaz, James Dodds, and Frieda Sindorf for their

talents and dedication to our children’s programs.

As a church family, we are blessed to have so many persons willing to share their

talents to enable our worship. We give thanks for bulletin preparers, dutiful

deacons, tech coordinators, speakers, singers, ringers, dancers, accompanists

and instrumentalists, artists, flower and fabric workers, and woodworkers. Many

of these volunteers participate in multiple areas.

Our congregation is extremely blessed to have the talents of Kyle Denton and our

organist, Marcia Schemper-Carlock. Their thoughtful dedication to planning and

many hours of preparation allow us to glorify God through our worship.

We are always happy to have new members join the Worship Arts Team who

would like to make a contribution to our worship experience.

Team Leader: Jim Justus 417.335.1215 JKJustus@aol.com


Team Leader: John Stickman johnstickman258@gmail.com


FPC runs with volunteers! They are the soldiers in the trenches, the bees making

honey, the ants feeding the queen, the…well, you get the message!  Every team

consists of volunteers.

Pick one and jump in!

Here are some suggestions:

Kids Sunday School and KOW (Kids Own Worship) See Frieda Sindorf


The Nursery -- See Frieda

Wednesday Night Meals -- See Candy Thomason

The Welcome Center Desk -- See John Stickman


FPC Transportation Mission -- See John Stickman

Neighborhood Assistance “GoFer” For The Church Office -- See Meg or

John Stickman.

“Techies” of all types needed during Sunday Worship: Contact Kyle

DentonFPCBransonmusic@yahoo.com or Jim Justus

Volunteer at Elevate Branson Thrift Shop